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Township Newsletter

The Township's newsletter, The Grapevine, is published three times per year, and is mailed to every household. It provides updates from the elected officials, departments and it includes information on all the classes and events hosted by the Township. See below for some of the most recent publications. Please contact the Recreation Department at 440-639-4650 for information from Grapevine's prior to Fall 2014.

CLICK HERE for the Fall 2016 Concord Grapevine.

CLICK HERE for the Summer 2016 Concord Grapevine

CLICK HERE for the Winter/Spring 2016 Concord Grapevine

CLICK HERE for the Fall 2015 Concord Grapevine.

CLICK HERE for the Winter/Spring 2015 Concord Grapevine.

CLICK HERE for the Fall 2014 Concord Grapevine.

Going Green?  

If you prefer to receive the Grapevine via email instead of hardcopy, simply email bkraska@concordtwp.com with the subject line "Email Me the Grapevine".  Include your mailing address so we can take you off the paper route.  You will receive the next edition of the Grapevine in your virtual inbox.